Dec 29, 2015

Women are Primitive. Women are less Civilized.

Women are considered to be primitive than Men and this is not just to say they are very cruel, murderous, bloody than men. The reason why women are considered so is that they very natural than men are, and especially when speaking about existence.

Men are more civilized than women are and this is not again to condemn the very existence of women. Civilization is just a propaganda and a falsification. It is all built on false ideas and we are not talking about science here. Leave all that has to do with science and evolution which can be called the base of existence. The more men get civilized, the more devastating and ugly he turns and this cannot be denied. This is the reason why men are into things that will take life and other things.

Women are little civilized. This fact is inexorable and the reason for this is that the more civilized you become you begin to listen to your head and not to your heart. Women, most of the time listen to their heart and not to their head and that is the reason why women are considered to be little civilized. Women always have contact with their heart whereas men do not have this beautiful contact.

The heart is still primitive. Yes, the statement really contradicts and that is the beauty of it. Nothing can be same and if they are same, then they should be made from factories and not born out of the womb.

Why men dominate women?

Men always dominate women and the reason for that is really strange. Deep down in his heart and in his mind, the man feels inferior and for this inferiority, he wants to dominate women. Women are the life force and a place reproduction can happen. Men too are the source but still without women, he cannot survive. So in one or the other way he wanted to dominate women. So men decided to dominate things in small things not letting women the things which are necessary.

The funny fact is that men are only stronger in terms of muscles and nothing more than that. In all other ways, women are stronger than we consider and that is the reason why women live longer than men nearly seven to eight years. The woman suffers less through diseases, illnesses, than the man.

Women have more resistance to illnesses and diseases of all kinds. Men go week very soon and very easy. They commit suicide and the number of men who commit suicide is very high when compared to women. Here too women are stronger than men. Men are strong only in term of muscles and this is very animalistic.


  1. There are women who think with brain too. Keeping apart the negative perspective of this statement, well women can be associated with brain rather than jus emotions.. Saying typically men think wit brain and women think wit heart itself is gender stereotype..!!!

    1. the whole thing is not to say that women do not think with their brains but to convey that they are far more superior..

      and no stereotypes here...

  2. Apart from dat point, wat you're trying to say is really appreciated..!!