Jul 30, 2017

Tasty Non-sticky Masala Macaroni : How to cook(with pictures)

A quick bite recipe. Who wouldn't love macaroni. The biggest problem about cooking macaroni or spaghetti is that they often tend to stick to one another and becomes like mashed potatoes.  Here are few tips to cook non-sticky macaroni easily.

Jul 29, 2017

Ghee Onion Carrot Uthappam: How to cook and the one mistake I made

Ghee Onion  Carrot Uthappam

I hope you all would have enjoyed my previous recipe: Potato Cheese Omlette. Today I made Ghee Onion Carrot Uthappam and here is how to cook step by step. I know this is not a great deal but yet tried it, so sharing it. Even if you cook great, there are times you make small mistake and i did one while cooking Ghee Onion  Carrot Uthappam, which i will be sharing at the end of the post.