Mar 6, 2019

The Caste Insensitiveness of AN Educated Person

A class four student from a town panchayat (Kaveripakkam, place name not altered), after school, just like the typical middle-class Indian parenting, leaves to tuition for all subjects.

The tutor was none other than his own mathematics teacher, whose residence was next street to the student’s home.

All was good until one day. Just like individuals get realise later in their lives about child sexual abuse, the student got to understand years later what exactly happened that day and henceforth.

Jan 24, 2019

EPF Claim Settled but not Received to your Bank Account?

You are advised to submit ASR form at the earliest for re-authorization of payment in active bank A/c. 
  • Claimed your EPF (Provident Fund) through UAN claim?
  • Amount settled but not received into your bank account because you have a problem with your bank account or your savings bank account was closed due to known reasons?
  • Tried Grievance?