Jun 1, 2017

What does OC stand for? OC la kudutha phenol kooda kudipaan

OC la ol ok**tha, OC gaaja?, OC ya?, OC la kudutha phenol kudipaan, OC la bajanai paadlaamnu irukiya

Hope you would have heard these terms very often and you might wonder what does OC mean in Tamil Nadu? A very common term used amongst people of Tamil Nadu.

Generally, OC stands for OC means "Of Course" or "Original Character" or "Orange County" So now you know - OC means "Of Course" or "Original Character" or "Orange County", but in Tamil lingo...

What does OC stand for? On Company Service

Origin:  The term dates back to the British East India Company era in Madras (Chennai). The letters and parcels sent from them had a seal with OCS (On Company Service), which means that the letters and parcels should not be charged for stamps or other duties. 

Later it evolved to become OC.

Meaning: Free of cost