Friday, January 3, 2014

Are humans centuries old in technology ??

We humans consider ourselves as the most superior living beings on earth and we always take pride in it, no matter how lacking we are n many things? Are we humans centuries old in technology ?

Right from latest curvy smartphones to latest operating systems, high end gaming consoles to big bang theory, Einstein to Stephen Hawking, there is only progression  and no decline in advancement. Today when you are reading this, by this time there would have been so many product launches right from 1 TB RAM and unlimited to babies born from printers :)

What if ? 
It has taken so many centuries to discover, invent and formulate the present day we are living - locomotives, mobile technologies, internet, web tools, softwares,  applications, ideas based on these kind of technological advancements and many more but are we really advanced in technology ?

I guess it was really 1 1/2 years back I was watching this particular program : Curiosity - Is time travel possible by Stephen Hawking, after watching this program I

was really astonished to know the fact that time travel is possible but the proposed idea was that, to travel time is not possible with the technology available with us. To make it possible, technologies that are more advanced than us which is not possible in real time, is very necessary.

In the same way, there was an scene in a movie which states that the most greatest ever invention made was Big Bang Theory. 

Likewise there are so many things which cannot be understood by the human minds. If it cannot be understood by the human minds - which we consider one of the greatest inventions, lacking behind centuries when compared to the unknown aliens.

If aliens (just like the term foreigner), exist, are they really more advanced than us or do they lack in technological advancements? or they waiting for the right
time to hit the earth when we are in technologically advanced ?

To be continued....

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tamil Film Industry 2013 : Overview

Tamil film industry is one of the most flourishing film industries in India which sits right next to Bollywood in terms of revenue generation and market reach. The year 2013 has really been an appreciable one for Tamil film industry considering the new and promising talents and technical advancements.

New talents:

It wouldn't be much words to say that new talents have revolutionized Tamil cinema in late 2012 and 2013. Most of the new found talents have been either assistant directors or short film makers. When we take a closer look at the success formula of all these films, we would get to know that a strong script and practical way of film making are the common factors.

Atlee Kumar, of Raja Rani fame, Moodar Koodam fame Naveen, GNR Kumaravelan, who directed Haridas, R.S Durai Senthil Kumar of Ethir Neechal, Alphonse Putharen of Neram fame are the promising talents who have earned fame with their debut flicks.

Television has served as a platform for finding new film makers and first time producers are those who nurture these budding talents.

Technical advancements:

Technically advanced film making has helped Tamil film industry in taking a big leap in its race with Bollywood. This has been made possible by the encouraging producers who are ready to invest on high-end technology, be it in cinematography or sound engineering or editing, who are more concerned about providing a quality output rather than presenting a film in a grand manner.

For instance, director Lingusamy's upcoming project with Surya which will have Santosh Sivan as its lens man is making use of Red Dragon camera and Angenieux Lens.


Pre and post release promotions have become the main agenda of film makers, producers and film publicists in order to carve out enough publicity and increase expectation level for marketing the film. Teaser trailers, innovative first look posters (even titles), release of song recording and making videos and corporate partnerships (radio, online media, hospitality etc) are the new age promotional methodologies which deliver advanced publicity for films.


Making sequels of successful films is a usual thing in Hollywood but off late the Tamil film industry seems to have smitten by this bug. The discouraging statistics of such attempts, especially in the 2013 year is that, most of the films have turned out to be unimpressive. Thillu Mullu 2, Singam 2 and Pizza 2 which were expected to deliver better outputs, haven't delivered anything better compared to their original versions.

Political Influence:

Political influence has hindered the growth (release in particular) of Tamil films significantly but the year 2013 saw the worst part of it. It is not only the political scenario, but also the religious outfits which play a major part in delayed release of films. Vijay's Thalaivaa is one such example which created a stir in the industry with political outfits interfering in its release.

To put it short, Tamil film industry 2013 has been year of innovation in all aspects expect for few.

Author:  Ram

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

South Stars Diwali Bash 2013

South stars kept it very personal and simple by celebrating the festival of lights along with their family members alone. Check out the photos of Superstar Rajinikanth, Ajith, Surya and Hansika Motwani celebrating Diwali with their family.





Celebrities on November 2013 Magazine Photoshoots Covers

Celebrities on November 2013 Magazine Photoshoots Covers

Celebrities on November 2013 Magazine Photoshoots Covers - Cine Blitz, Elle, Femina, Filmfare, GQ Men, Grazia, India Today, November 2013 Issue, South Scope, Verve and Vogue

Monday, October 7, 2013

Interior wall tiles: escalating the aesthetic and functional values

How can you bring about the sublime looks and qualities in your house? There are countless numbers of people worldwide that dream to build a beautiful home but fail to materialize their dreams. Fortunate are you to have your own house and it is your duty and joy to make a perfect home in every respect. There are several aspects of a house that require perfection to make a complete home. The roofs, floors, walls, exterior, interior and all other things and amenities required in a home contribute to make it a complete house.

But there is no dearth of alternatives to enhance the aesthetic and functional values of your home. If you use the quality interior wall tiles, you can get ample of choices in the market at quite affordable prices. For a good choice you can take reference from various sources ranging from your friends to professionals and experts in the field of interior designing and building constructions.

Making a meticulous selection of interior wall tiles
There are various types of wall tiles available in the market. You can explore the wall tiles in varying designs, colors, textures, shapes, sizes and in different materials and price ranges. You may not be an expert in the tiles but that should not be a deterrent in making meticulous selection of tiles. You have the support and guidance of experts around you. Also the manufacturers and suppliers disseminate enough information about the characteristic features of tiles that can be quite supportive in making the perfect selection. You can use their experience in decorating your home with various sorts of tiles.

Points to be noted while picking up the interior wall tiles
It should be clear in the one’s mind that the walls play a vital role in the interior of a house. Whether you are selecting the interior wall tiles for residential apartments or for any commercial complex; you should know the advantages and disadvantages the walls can facilitate. Appearance matters and the tiles should be selected in such a way that the interior wall contributes to enhance the aesthetic values. Furthermore, the walls play a great role in making the heating or cooling system efficiency. The interior tiles should be in tune with the heating and cooling systems in the house. If you wish to save yourself from the unnecessary noises from outside, you should pay attention to the acoustic qualities of the wall tiles. Not only that you can also control the temperature of your house or office with the help of thermostat tiles.

Identify the authentic manufacturers and suppliers
Due to the increasing demands of building materials, several enterprises today have jumped into the field of manufacturing the products. Not all of them may have the required standard and quality. The cheap prices may appear to be tempting but you must bear in mind that the tiles are not for a day or two and making compromises with the quality of interior wall tiles is not at all a wise idea. Just make a beautiful choice and get your home unique look.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

John Abraham's New Aprilia RSV4 superbike


Piaggio Vehicles Pvt Ltd has presented  a new Aprilia RSV4 superbike (Black) to John Abraham.











Friday, September 20, 2013

Ajith's Aarambam Swordfish Rip ?

After the trailer launch of the movie Aarambam, few said that the movie seems to be a rip off of the movie Swordfish (Hugh Jackman, John Travolta, Halle Berry and others).

John Travolta – Gabriel Shear - Ajith  ?
Hugh Jackman – Stanley Jobson - Arya (Hacker) ?
Halle Berry – Ginger Knowles - Nayanthara ?
Don Cheadle – Agent J.T. Roberts  - Rana ?

I am not sure abt it. Lets wait and watch the movie.